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For full descriptions of all Birthday Party options, including pricing, please download our Birthday Party Options flyer.

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Party Theme: Standard Party
Slime Premium Party
Flight Premium Party
Sci-Fi Premium Party *
Weather Premium Party *
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 child and siblings)
up to 15: $225 ($285 Premium)*
16-22: $250 ($315 Premium)**
23-30: $275 ($345 Premium)**
more than 30: $300+ ($375+ Premium)**

* The Sci-Fi and Weather Premium Parties must be indoors in a room that can be darkened

** Some towns will require an additional travel fee.  Travel fees are based on distance from our Fall River, MA office.  Generally speaking, towns in the vicinity of I-195 or Rt. 24 do not require a travel fee.

Add-on Activities:
Birthday Party Options

     Up to 15 kids: $50
     16-22 kids: $55
     23-30 kids: $60

  (for parties of up to 22 kids)
     Up to 15 kids: $50
     16-22 kids: $55
Every party already includes a take-home activity.
Add a second activity!

     Up to 15 kids: $40
     16-22 kids: $45
     23-30 kids: $50
Party Goods
All prices include tax and delivery.
See the Birthday Party Options flyer for more information
Goody bags ($5/each)
Pack of 15 Invitations ($10)
Additional packs of 5 ($3)
Extra T-shirts ($10/each)
Extra T-shirts - for additional Birthday Children or siblings ($5/each)
Experi-tube Containers ($1.50/each)
Mad Badges ($1.50/each)
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